Un Soupçon

Just so I can find this again…

I was looking for a recipe for Celery and Almond soup and stumbled across this page of 10 Best Soups. Having read them out to Mr L, we feel that they pretty much all need testing at some point.

  1. Thai beetroot soup
  2. Mexican green soup
  3. Mushroom and almond with fino
  4. Carrot and lemon
  5. Chestnut and chorizo
  6. Chicken, orzo and minted pea broth
  7. Celery, apple and cashew
  8. White bean well-dressed soup
  9. Cauliflower, almond and turmeric
  10. Mushroom broth with sausage, oats and parsley

We love soups – they are cheap, nutritious and very tasty. Periodically we decide that our regular diet should feature soup, eaten as our main meal, on alternate days. The plan always falls down due to the perennial difficulty of finding quantities of good quality fresh vegetables.

Today we shall try the Chestnut & Chorizo – a store-cupboard soup, with the basic soup trio of 1 onion, 1 carrot and 1 celery stick. I have some chestnuts that I wisely stashed away from the local shop’s Christmas stock while I could and I try always to have some chorizo in the ‘fridge. Baguette with that, I think.

Later, I shall need to make bread – in order to take a photograph of it. Make of that what you will… I’m thinking a Milk Roll today.

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