I don’t know – you wait for months for  a Doctor to arrive and then two come along at once, but neither one takes you anywhere that you want to go!

It’s a good job Russell T is going, he’s definitely lost it.

The evil Ms Hartigan
The evil Ms Hartigan

So that’s three rubbish Christmas Specials in a row. Perhaps Dr Who isn’t suited to that format, or maybe Simon Moffatt will prove differently. Let’s hope so.

Tell you what though, Dervla Kirwan makes a fine villain – and didn’t she look superb in that frock? Far and away the best thing in the show, Ms Kirwan…

…unless you count that Steampunk Cyberking dreadnought  thing. Wasn’t that ace?

If you gave me the choice I don’t know whether I’d rather have a frock like that for my own or a working scale model of the Cyberking.

Steam-driven,  of course.

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