Top Gear

No, I have not suddenly developed an affection for Clarkson – I’m just operating at full tilt today/this week as it is going to be a busy one.

I already have bread and soup on for lunch as when I would normally be preparing lunch, I shall be working with Gill to put everything away from Sunday. I need to get tidied up quickly as Spinning Group will be here on Thursday. I also seem to have added to this week’s mix… a Christmas Cake! Yes, I know it is extremely late to be making one. Nor do I have any good reason for doing it – after all, we don’t even “do” Christmas! However, we have a 500g truckle of Wensleydale coming soon and, well, you know, you can take the lass out of Yorkshire but… she still needs her fruitcake with her cheese. Or at least her husband does. It’s going to be a funny old cake as it was not planned and I am making do with what I can find in the baking cupboard. I just hope I am not left too short for magicking up cake for Thursday.

No goose murderers in sight when I got up this morning, just a beautiful Kestrel on the fence. It was too dark for a photo.

No time to find a featured image today, I leave you instead with a blank. I promise to return to the blog swing just as soon as I possibly can.

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