I need to catch up

Lots and lots to write up just as soon as I can get around to. For now, I am going to fast forward to the present – will mop up later.

Today got off to a poor start. I was woken in no gentle fashion, by Treacle attempting to make his way under the covers. He was standing on my face and clawing at my chest, trying to move the duvet cover. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I got up, had my shower, flung open the curtains and absorbed the view… the morning light on the sheep in the stubble field. I was wondering what the wind had blown in this time, looking hard at the shapeless form attached to the fence… when it moved. It was in fact a gun-toting, goose-murderer in camouflage, not the wind-blown garbage that I had thought. I dressed. Swiftly.

Norma the postie brought our thank you case from Naked Wines (Mr L is now, apparently, an Angel) and, if that were not cheering enough, also an envelope from the RBS.

We do not have an account with the RBS.

I would have assumed it was promotional material for a credit card and binned it, but Mr L opened it. This was a good move. Inside was a letter informing us that Tesco have recently done an audit of cash machines to identify where customers have not removed all their money when making a cash withdrawal.

But we do not (now) have an account with the RBS.

It took some careful re-reading before the penny dropped.

Back in 2005, when we were house-hunting on Skye and in the Highlands, we withdrew some money at the cash machine at Tesco in Fort William. It was many miles later, in Glen Garry, when I found myself penniless at the Post Office that we realised we  had walked away without our cash. We contacted the Police (they gave us a crime number) and we contacted Tesco in case anybody had handed the cash in. No result. We wrote it off to experience.

Well, now it is to be returned to us, and with interest added!

Better late than never, and “well done, Tesco” I say.

We were at the Christmas Fair yesterday and my room looks like the aftermath of a nuclear strike. I shall be tidying up for a few days to come but hope that normal service will soon be returned.

There is heavy snow on the way, according to the Met Office, and with strong winds. I feel quite happy to have already made a decision not to go to town this week. I do have to go for a hospital appointment the week after that, though. Hope the weather improves.

Mr L is having his summer holidays soon. He has so much leave due that he has much of December off, plus some of January and a whole week carried over into next year’s leave allowance too! I think that I may find him under my feet in the coming weeks.

I need a featured image… there is little of interest to look at. Want to see a pic of our stall from yesterday? Take note of that blending board to the right of the table. That’s my new toy. I love it. There will be many posts here and at Sanday Spinners that enthuse about that blending board, I am certain.

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