I spent some of yesterday helping Mr L with a web project that we began just a year ago and have been feeling rather guilty about. As a consequence, my arm was very sore today and so I took time out in the sitting room. I decided to put the second skein of Hipknits silk laceweight on Gill’s swift.


I tied one end in and the whole job went very well, with no tangles, and just a few loops to deal with. I really must get myself one of these babies one day. It frees up a lot of husband time. I quite fancy this one (not a husband alternative, really)

Of course, there was help available…


… and if he gets his claws into that lot… well, I shall not be answerable.

I don’t know what this colourway is called as I got it from a reseller via eBay. I think it looks like a rather commercial version of a Peach Melba ice cream sundae. So where better to keep my ball tidy than a glass sundae dish?

Melba-3thb Melba-4thb

I have it all taped down now and hope that it won’t spring apart when I take my beady eye off it.

Also today, I knitted a little more of my Aurora project. That’s about 90% done now.

The power went off this morning, when my bread was half done. It came back in time for me to rescue my bread and to get my soup made in time for lunch. At the very least, it helped to keep me off the computer –  for a while.

Tonight is Craft Club night and more tatting. I might take Aurora with me to complete as well.