Wednesday spinning

I seem to have become a spinner. Gill said that I am a spinner, so it must be true…

I had plans to return to the pink merino roving today but I elected to finish the silk hankie that I was spinning last week, and then Gill said I could have the rest of the cap, and I just kind of got stuck into it.

It was such fun to spin! I really enjoyed the process – so much so that I completed spinning the silk this afternoon.

I aimed quite deliberately for something richly textured (aka “lumpy bumpy”) and seem to have opted for a fairly loose spin/relatively tight ply, plying 2 singles together in a deliberately erratic manner. I half plan to dye the silk before using it in mixed media work. Yes, for the first time in many a long year, I intend to thread the eye of a needle. I wonder how many stitches I can recall.

My hope is that the silk will take up the dye in a patchy manner, according to the variation in lumps and bumps and tightness of the twist.

It’s just an adventure in “wait and see” techniques 🙂

Anyway, it was noticeable that I sat down and just tackled a new fibre with no trepidation and just got on with it… quickly. I feel that means that I am finally “a spinner.”

Cake today was sandwich cake and gingerbread. Lovely.


In Other News: Ravelry membership has paid off and my RYC stash available for swap is winging its way to America, in a swap with something rather wonderful (I think). How exciting. Many thanks to Ravelry user jonesn4yarn.