To market to market to buy…

I went to town on Friday, with G, and the able assistance of M and her car… and we all trooped up to Hatston, to the Mart. What we bought there was not a fat pig (alas, I fancy a bit of crackling) but sheepy stuff.

This is mine

Sorry it is such a rubbish photograph – light levels are poor and my camera is faulty too… it really doesn’t do these two cuties full justice at all.

Gill and I had seen these pictures the last time that we went to the Mart. I had been highly tempted but summoned enough resolve to walk away that time. This time both G and M egged me on, and M bought a picture too.  I asked at the desk about buying one and it transpired that the artist was right to hand. She very kindly signed the reverse of the pictures for us.

Painted textile background and freehand machine embroidery. Made by Diana Hendry, of St Margaret’s Hope. (Telephone number available, if you’d like one for yourself – they are all very different, but equally wonderful images) Ridiculously  underpriced – this one,  fully framed – £45. Great Christmas presents for woolly-minded folks.

I’d like another one, soon.

What else?

The Christmas Fair went well and I sold a fair amount of scarves, shawls, and hats, also some buttons. I gained commissions for knitting and buttons and I handed over the finished commission for two lace scarves. The Matchless Pot is now swelled by £160 or so. Very pleasing!

The buttons are in production

Blue and Silver

and will be completed this afternoon. Then I have to cast a hat on.

I bought a wee wooden pot from the man who makes the nosties and niddy noddies for Sanday Spinners. There is a not very good photo here. I’d do another, but I doubt my camera can improve on that one at the moment! I also bought some local beef stew meat and plan to deploy the slow cooker shortly. I am going to produce large quantities of pie meat for the freezer, using Mr L’s dark home brew beer. Yummy.

We still have snow. It almost all went at the weekend, but both yesterday and today gave us some seriously gorgeous large snowflakes and we are all white and fluffy again. A juvenile blackbird has moved in with the hens and is making the most of the food and water on tap. The chooks don’t seem to mind him very much. We had a sparrow join the blackbird for a while but have not seen him for several days now and fear that he may have succumbed to the weather.

And, finally, the Sanday Show Schedule for 2011 and 2012 has arrived. It is time to plan my activities ‘twixt now and the end of July. What to knit? So far I have but one pattern firmly fixed in my mind and my spreadsheet plan: Kadril. Yes, I am going Orenburg next year. So, that’s the scarf entry sorted out. Now I need to find my 100g entry, a sweater of some sort, and a hat. I think I shall pass on the remaining classes, except for the item from handspun yarn — and I do believe that is already half-knitted. More of that soon, over on the Sanday Spinners blog. It will just have to wait until I can get these commissions sent out, then I have a couple of days knitting, and one of washing and blocking, before I write it up as a pattern recommendation for handspun yarn.

While we are on the subject of Sanday Spinners; I am very happy to report that the business is taking off and orders have been fulfilled. It is most exciting. Can’t wait to develop the business and provide an outlet for more crafters. Let us know if we can list your stuff for you.