Wednesday WIPping

Here we are again, it is Wednesday. My, how quickly they do come around.

This week has been all commission knitting. The finished first scarf was washed and blocked yesterday and is still on the mat. I had a feeling of unease about it. One end looks more stretched out than the other… it just looked all wrong, somehow.

With the aid of my new slow cooker, I freed up sufficient time to complete scarf two in double quick time. It is amazing how much faster it goes with a couple of morning hours released to knitting instead of chopping and stirring. A marathon knit yesterday saw four full repeats done. This morning I passed on Spinning Group and concentrated on the final repeat and finishing of the scarf. I cast it off a moment ago and am ready to wash and block it this afternoon.

The thing is… when I came to the edge and was calculating how many rows remained after the final full repeat (30 – R 1 to 8 plus 11 of R9&10) I just double checked the pattern. That was when I noted that it is not 11 repeats of R9 & 10 to finish, but only seven reps. And that in turn was when I realised with a sinking heart that the first scarf has suffered. When I completed it, my eye slipped in the pattern and I did 11 repeats, as for the bottom border, rather than the seven repeats required for the top border.

So that’s why one end of the pink scarf looked wrong yesterday…. it actually is wrong.

This is the point at whoch I am relieved that I am the kind of knitter that sews in ends post-blocking. Am now faced with the prospect of unpicking a few rows, casting off and re-blocking.

Anyway, once that is done and the two scarves are sent off to their new home, I can knit something for relaxation and pleasure. I need to wash that skein that I plyed last week as I still have not got around to it. Must find some time to do that, and then I can complete the handspun shawl. After that, mycomfort blankie is coming out to play with me for a while.