Time to reflect (and to catch up)

I am still here, not yet lost.

We are in Portugal, having travelled down via the Spanish Mediterranean to Alcossebre, where we stopped for two weeks, and then across country to the Algarve, arriving in Sagres on Tuesday this week. We have paid for a month’s stay so I hope to find some time to get the laptop out and to do some catching up.

So far I have mainly restricted my Internet activities to our travel blog "Two Snails" and have kept that up to date using some automatic copy posting of Instagrams on @twosnailsontour. I have been using IFTTT applets to achieve this and also some quick and dirty location updates, plus posts direct to the blog via email and Jetpack functionality (which is the method that I am using to write this update now).

Tomorrow I hope to begin a series of daily posts here. My friend Roz (Autumn Cottage Diarist) has introduced me to a series of creativity prompts taking place throughout December and which are intended to aid reflection on the year just passed. As I have been wanting to do more writing and photography I am using the opportunity to knuckle down, especially as we plan to be stationary for most of this month.

I don’t know how it will go. It isn’t easy to find time and space for getting the laptop out. I am also very much aware that I am not one to normally spend time dwelling on what has gone. Actually, I don’t spend much time musing upon my future. I think that I successfully live in the present… for the day. Hence the blogging habit of so many years, I guess.

There’s a website and a Facebook Group and the prompts may be found in both places. I am informed that it is a good community:



See you tomorrow, when we shall be "Through the Window" (with a bit of luck)

I may have to quit my Facebook holiday and reinstall the app!

Oh and if you have been missing out on the travel updates because you can’t remember where they are:




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