Tick, tick, tick

Emptying the house is proving to be both hard work and heart-wrenching. I have sold Morgana, my beloved spinning wheel. How I shall miss her.

My poor head is spinning with how much work there is left to be done. Especially since Mr L told me that he would like to leave soon after the Special refuse Collection, which is happening around the 8th or 9th of August. His plan now is to take Vincent for his MOT and then just to keep on going. Vincent was booked in this morning for the 15th April and Nell for that same date for her injections and passport update. This now makes our target date for leaving the 14th August.

I am not certain that I can cope with this sudden burst of reality!

The date is really pretty imminent so we have made the decision to start parting with items that we were reserving until leaving. It will make it easier to keep track of what is “gone” and what yet requires rehoming. The house is emptying, though slowly but real gaps are emerging now. The dog is missing her sofa, that’s for sure.

It is beginning to look as though we shall be needing a very large bonfire before we go. perhaps we should make  a party of it.

The caravan is now all but empty, though its contents are bestrewing the hallway and not yet nicely ordered on shelves for this weekend’s sale. Theoretically there was plenty of time for that activity but we have a constant stream of people coming and going, collecting their purchases and seeking further bargains. We have never been so sociable! I shall need to turn around very quickly after my Craft Sale and begin the Kitchen-cum-everything-that’s-left Sale for the following weekend. When that one is done we shall burn or pack in rubbish bags anything that has not found a home and it can all go away in the refuse collection. We will then be living with only what we plan to take with us to France.

As I write this, Mr L is making yet another trip to the Post Office with items sold on line. I have told him to bring home strong drink.

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