Three Quarters

Despite spending almost all of Saturday engaged in beating the Puzzlecrunch, or not, and most of Sunday engaged in a distressing battle of wits with WordPress…

…I have managed to complete the third bobbin of the merino/mohair. The end is now in sight.

Unfortunately, the CISRA puzzle is also now well in sight, as is a trip to hospital this week. It is unlikely that I shall complete the spinning and plying this week.

Ah, well. Eventually, I suppose.

As for WordPress – I have discovered that Lightbox has potential for causing WP to display badly. It’s a small matter of WP stupidly seeing keywords inside HTML tags instead of just looking in the plain text. I know how to avoid it (by simply not using “gallery” as a name for my lightbox galleries) The main problem now is that I have old posts that use that name, and now I have to go seek them and fix them.

Please, if you find a horribly mangled post, can you let me know? Then I can edit the offending word from the rel tags. Thanks.

Oh. Knitting? Don’t be foolish.


This week: Craft Club tonight, Spinning Wednesday, Hospital Thursday, Poetry Sunday, Puzzling Monday to Saturday. Actually, Sunday appears to be a double booking, as I would prefer to be at the Farmer’s Market.