A little bit of froth

Shhh, don’t tell, but I have cast on a new project. I don’t know if it has any legs, we shall have to see. I just felt in need of something a little different and I wanted to see another skein from the stash in use.

I’m having a go at this

And I am doing it in this, in a colour named “Peace”. At 1000m per 65g this is the finest yarn that I have ever tackled. The colour is gorgeous; lavender pink and blue – soft and dusky and just perfect. This photo does it little justice…. (2nd from right) and, to be honest, it does look far more subtle in the ball than it did in the skein.

It’s good to see that photo – a reminder that I knitted a hat from the bamboo blend on the left, and spun all the fibre on the right. It scarcely counts as stash at all now, except that the pencil roving is still awaiting my attention – but I have deferred that until PS3 “Water” comes around.

It’s a good job that this scarf is a small one, just a little bit of froth and nonsense, at 30″ length in the pattern instructions. The p2tog tbl‘s are a killer – and a real reminder that I desperately need new glasses (and better lighting around the house). I have no idea how successful I shall be, but I plan to have fun trying. In order to keep it fun, this will be a pick-it-up-when-I-really-feel-like-it project. There’s no hurry. One thing I must make certain of is to keep it well away from marauding felines.

I also bought some more scarf patterns from Knitspot, and two more sock patterns… and am thinking about casting this on for a quick knit:

If I do this, it will be in the yarn that I am currently spinning, though I have a keen buyer awaiting that… so we shall have to see what happens.

Oh, the socks? I asked on Ravelry for pointing towards a good, well written and clear, pattern to help me to make the transition to toe-up socks. Three of Anne’s patterns were recommended. I succumbed to two of them. Hopefully one pair will make it into the “anything from 100 gms” class at this year’s Show. Needle situation permitting, I shall have a practice run soon. I really want to do Mr plumbum’s socks first, though.

I should probably admit to the fact that I already had several of Anne’s sock patterns queued up – but they are all cuff-down socks and I really do want to learn toe-ups, plus it’s the best way to ensure that I use a full 100 gms of yarn for the Show class.