Thorfinn sees the light of day

An entirely unexpected opportunity to go to Kirkwall today has seen me unearth my simple sock project, Thorfinn – established for just such an event.

I am all dressed up and ready to go and … resenting the time away from my Vibrotis, because I can see I am on the downward run with that now. Just 4 patten repeats to go in the body and I am into the decreases. I love it. Really love it. It looks fantastic.

Maybe I will complete the Clapotis tonight. No, I will be far too tired, I think!

I am taking my pocket camera with me. This will be my first opportunity to wander around town without pressure and I hope to find the place looking quaintly festive. I’ll check out the yarn shop, but am holding out little hope of finding temptation there, to be honest. I might get a long 2.5mm circ to try the toe-up socks with, though, as the kit needles I have have very stiff and springy cables and I didn’t like using them at all.

I’ll be home again in about nine hours…