Alas, poor Thorfinn…

Home again, home again… with only minor sock growth to show for three hours on the boat today. Social chatter very much got in the way and I think I have to admit that even a simple sock is too much for boat knitting. Perhaps I should find something just as portable, but far more mindless to knit. What, though?

A splendid journey out on a blue and crisp day, with brilliant sun and a flat calm sea (- the journey home got a whole lot more interesting, there was quite a swell running.) It was far colder in Kirkwall than at home and I had cause to be grateful that I was wearing My First Socks on top of my thick tights and inside my boots, and my Sea Fever scarf about my neck. The scarf was much admired in Kirkwall and several total strangers fondled it and enquired about the stitch pattern – it’s a real winner.

Imagine my joy today when I found a shop that has Shetland 2ply sold off the cone, by the 100gm. They also have pure wool aran on 1 kilo cones. I shall be back, I hear St Brigid calling 🙂

Today I bought dyes for dying raw fleece and some Cheviot handspun, and a Really Useful Box in which to keep a sock kit. The rest was boring stuff – fruit, salad, and veg…. pork and duckling… mincemeat and Christmas pud… cheese… sherry, port and sparkling wine. But it’s not for Christmas. We don’t do Christmas…  *sigh*

The shopping has been put away and now I think I shall put my feet up and finish my Vibrotis off. There should just be enough time to do that tonight, if I don’t get waylaid.

Tomorrow I want to dye my Cheviot handspun, ready to knit a Gretel hat (if I have sufficient yardage – I need to check)

Gretel at Ravelry