There and back again

I may have implied in the post that I wrote last Thursday (and only managed to Publish after getting home on Monday) that there was a degree of madness in our impromptu trip to mainland Orkney.  Little did I realise to what degree…

You can read all about it in Brunhilde’s very own personal blog, soon.

The weather was pretty poor from the outset and we perhaps did not get as much out of our weekend as we may have hoped for. For instance, the good camera never came out of its bag. I did take a few photographs but much of the time it was so wet and grey and dismal and so dreadfully windy, that photography was not much of an option.

What a grey day
What a grey day

What pictures I did glean can be seen on Two Snails, later this week.

Major highlights of the trip included: discovering that the toilet flush was not working; finding out that we did not know how to make the heating system work; spending an inordinate amount of time in three visits to Tesco; being stranded on Mainland when our ferry home on Sunday afternoon was cancelled due to gale force winds and high seas; and experiencing the van being lifted off its stays and thumping back down again… and again… and again… and again…


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