The Thursday Frill

The Ruffled Fichu is making excellent progress.

There are now 941 stitches and the project is 70% complete. There are increases on alternate rows for the frilled edging and we shall end up with 1,773 stitches on the needle… and then…. and then.… there’s a picot edging to do.

Here it is – the apple is for scale, but I can tell you that needle is 120cm (48″).

Quite daunting 🙂 I intend to go for the finish, though. I have the bit firmly between my teeth.

I can also tell you that the macro setting on my pocket camera does not do very good stitch closeups. This photo was meant to show how the bell edge ruffle is forming. Squint – it may help.

OK. That’s progress, but today’s big thrill… ta-da!

I’ve completed my Third Weaving and cut it from the loom. At last. It seems to have taken me forever, but I was surprised all the same to find that this scarf began life in May 2010! What on earth have I been doing with my time since then?

The weaving is not good, and there is the cat damage as well… but I am hoping that a good wash will sort out much of the unevenness. The yarn that I used is oiled and will bloom significantly when it is cleaned; that should tighten up the weave and make everything stable. Fingers crossed!

Next: I plan to finish the Ruffled Fichu before starting any further knitting, then I will cast on for my next pair of Silk Road Socks. In the meantime, I need to re-warp the knitters loom as it has to be ready for teaching on next Tuesday. If the Fichu gets too much at any time, I’ll work on the blanket squares for light relief.

The next UFO lined up for completion is the handspun Aestlight shawl, for which I need to finish making yarn.

I’m making real progress on The Heap 🙂

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