FO: Scarf in Random Stripes

This is my third weaving. Like the first two, I made it on the Knitter’s Loom.

I cannot quite believe just how long this piece was on the loom for. It turns out that I warped it up last May! I think that my heart was not in it.

The yarn had some from an odds ‘n ends set on eBay. I decided to use it for a practice piece, making random stripes in order to hone my skills.

ColourMart 100% Super Fine Geelong 3/14NM Fingering Weight in Brown/Orange (with hindsight, I would have done better to warp with the middle colour – that shared a ply with each of the other two shades I used)

Weft: ColourMart 100% Super Fine Geelong 3/14NM Fingering Weight in Brown/Orange, Two tone Orange, and pale orange

Quantity: 135 grams used – about 630 metres / 700 yards

Reed: 7.5 dpi

Ends: 36

Finished Size: approx 60″ long by 7″ wide

The thing is… I had/have so many ideas in my head for funky, colourful, textural pieces — and I have all my handspun yarns earmarked for this rush of creativity. I reasoned that it would be wasteful to use my handspun for learning.

The thing that I failed to reckon was how difficult it would be to work on a piece that did not have my heart in it. I should have dived head first into my stash and done something joyful instead.

At least there was joy in cutting the thing loose yesterday! At last I can get on with weaving something more interesting.

The yarn was oiled, so I gave my scarf a hot bath immediately… forgetting that I had nowhere to block it out at the moment, so I had to just dry it on a hanger. The scarf still has some wibbly edges (I forgot to set a selvedge, silly me) and I have yet to trim the fringe (or decide to hem the scarf and not have a fringe) and I hope that  a press with the steam iron will smarten it up a little further.

Overall? I think this is perhaps nicer than I had been thinking that it was. The random stripes have worked out well. The cat damage has all but disappeared in the washing. I should remember that I am very much a beginner and accept that I will get better at weaving as time progresses. This is good enough and I should not be so harsh in viewing my own efforts. I wasted a lot of time hating this piece and really? It’s not so bad. Is it?

All the same, I wouldn’t wear it 🙂

I shall be giving this away.

Not having space to block it also implies, no room to photograph it properly (my bench is fill of table loom just now) – so we shall have to make do with the shots that I have to hand at present.

I feel very excited now, at the prospect of digging out some rich textures and bright colours – alas, these must wait until after next week as my loom is in use for teaching. In fact, I need to go and warp it up right now — with something really rather dull.

Ravelry project page: Third Weaving: random stripes

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