The Quiet Life

Things continue in a subdued vein here. We like to take our pleasures quietly…

I blogged some knitting notes over at Sanday Spinners: the completion of Mr L’s socks and the start of a new pair, and also some yarn purchases and my plans for the yarn. The new socks are to be done quickly, before January arrives. January will be a Discipline Month in which I knit only on currently UnFinished Objects, though expect to see nothing actually finished as all the easy targets have already been eliminated. Headway is good enough. I’ll be skeining and washing the new yarns throughout this period and perhaps I shall do some dyeing too.

Boxing Day Leftovers were Blipped.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but, if I did, I think one of a pair of resolutions might be to grasp the Blipfoto nettle and actually post an image a day. The other? The UFOs, of course!

Today I get a day off from cooking as it is Saturday (I think!) and Mr L’s curry day. We’re keeping it simple and have thawed some raw King Prawns for a Thai Green Curry.

We really should get out and about as it is a glorious day (oh, why oh, why did we not go away in Brunhilde!) but I think Mr L is being kept far too busy by his Cumulus users. He has a new version just going into Beta… This is the version that I am supposed to be going to work on as Customer Support. That may affect all my plans for my personal interests.

Boo hoo!

Good side: work = pay = yarn money but Bad Side: also work  = time consumption = no time to knit.

Mr L just came in to tell me that he is about to SORN Brunhilde. I guess that means we are not going away any time soon. I have however mentioned a desire to go button-foraging at Duttons in York. This would be a side trip to going to see the in-laws. Family time, button-shopping, a curry in Bratfud… it all sounds very good to me. Maybe in late Spring.

It’s weigh-in day tomorrow. I think we shall struggle to see a weight loss this week. I just hope that the curve does not take an upward turn…

Right – I need to make some more thrums! and also get on the treadmill as I seem to be losing that habit already. A visit to the bottle bank is also indicated. Then there’s 1.6 kilos of yarn to skein… It’s all go, you know. All go.



  1. December 27, 2014

    If you come to York, we must meet for a coffee at the least, if not a meal. We’re only about 20 minutes north of York and it would be lovely to meet in person.
    Sorry for the lack of puzzling progress. I did all the Christmas stuff with a raging fever and I’m just coming up for air now.

    • December 27, 2014

      Oh, no – it’s dreadful being ill at Christmas and even worse if you need to be at your best. I’ve had ‘flu twice at Christmas – the first time I missed being in the Panto junior chorus and the second time I was 9 months pregnant and had scrambled eggs and dried toast for my Christmas dinner. Hope you are feeling much better. As for York, we’ll certainly make that happen. Mr L’s parents live in Pocklington and we’ll find a place to stay between York and Pock probably. Oh, and we’ve done no puzzling either. I’m not sure where all of the time has gone to, though Cumulus is keeping Mr L very busy indeed,

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