The Croft

I finally got out today to collect my prescription from the doctor. I took my camera and a couple of lenses with me and parked up by The Croft, walking through Lady Village on a mini photo walk – I may as well take myself out as the new Photowalks group seems to be lacking in gumption right now. I am determined NOT to be the boss/organiser/officiating figure, it’s meant to be anarchic and members to take turns in leading walks. I refuse to get hold of the shittier end of the stick. Either they’ll get the idea eventually, or they won’t. In the meantime, it’s just me and my lens by the looks of things.

Uncharacteristically grumpy, I know – most likely due to the fact that I feel a bit rubbish today. Anyway, feeling less than on top form, I wandered about with my camera around Lady and in the Heritage Centre and The Croft. I’m underwhelmed by my images. Not surprising really. I just felt so off my game and stuck to the 50mm prime lens that was on the camera body. Angles were difficult because of my knee and I couldn’t be bothered to change metering settings when I knew that I needed to and so on.

Today’s featured image is of the boots and gaiters in the doorway of The Croft. Click here for a larger view.

I’ll go back time and again, with improved attitude, tripod, and photographer’s head on. All I really wanted to do today was to get home and have a warming cup of coffee.

The real measure of my mood today is that we are having egg and chips for our main meal. That’s it. I cannot even be bothered to cook.

Perhaps I have a virus coming on. I certainly have a headache.

This is the door to The Croft

The Croft doorway
The Croft doorway

Yes, it is a boring image. I took it only to show to Mr L when I came home, as vindication of my choice of new doors for this house.

Composite door

They are composite, not timber, but look the part. I had wanted a nice dark traditional red but these are no longer available. Green was an option we discarded in favour of  this dark blue as being almost traditional.  We chose blank doors with no glazing. They let less of the Orkney weather through that way.

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