I love Blipfoto.

If you have yet to come across Blipfoto may I commend it to you? There is much to love about it. It’s a Scottish-based internet site for sharing one photograph a day – a daily photo journal.  Any photo, any subject, as long as it’s yours and taken on that day.  You can post every day,  or not. You can write a little journal note if you wish, or not. You may add a location, or not; descriptive tags, or not.  Ask for feedback, or not. It’s up to you, it’s your journal.  It makes an ideal mini-blog if you don’t want to go the whole hog with a blog of your own.

Of the many things that I love about Blipfoto is the fact that it is a highly unusual social site in that it is both friendly and supportive. Some photo sharing sites can be vicious, not Blipfoto. You can enable comments on your photos, or not. You can join interest groups and add your images to them for discussion, or not. You can have it your way. Easy.

Basic Blipfoto is free. Additional features are available for an annual fee. Further benefits await Life Members.

I like Blipfoto so much that I took advantage of a recent Life Membership deal. I calculated that I might perhaps live long enough to get my monies worth but don’t care if I don’t. I want to support the venture: it’s Scottish and it’s friendly and I like the impetus to make more frequent use of my camera. I am making new friends and I am learning by looking at other members’ photographs.  It’s all win-win as far as I am concerned.

One of the additional features given by paid membership is the ability to upload one image a day from the date of your birth. Given that I am ancient and lack the patience anyway to be scanning many old snapshots, I shall not be making full use of that facility. What I am going to do though is to upload an image a day from my digital files, where I have them and they are suitable – and I have already started! I uploaded a few pics from 2003 and then yesterday I went through all of my 2004 photographs.

2003 begins in May, in Tarbert and ends at the Falls of Clyde on Christmas Eve, treasure hunting before hitting Tesco in Lanark after the rush had died down. Many memories were revived as I worked my way through our first arrival in Scotland and the day that Griff came to live with us. I remembered many walks with the dogs and many hills climbed.

2004 begins with a Treasure-hunting day in Dumbarton on the 2nd January and ends with that photograph of Griff in the Boxing Day snow above Wanlockhead. Once again, many miles walked, many hills climbed, and another addition to the family- when Treacle came to join us.  Also early 2004 saw the arrival of my first DSLR, my much-loved Canon Rebel Ti.

I’m starting on 2005 today, though I doubt that I shall complete the task for a few days. I became quite addicted to the Canon during that year. There are many images to sift. Well, not that many now I come to look – 1,944 of them to be precise.

It’s all a little time-consuming and takes away from both the photo-taking and the knitting…

Speaking of which, the A Hap for Harriet is making great progress after another trip to town. Windswept is nearing the end of Chart 4 (of 9). The trip to hospital also went well and I have been discharged to the care of my GP. Apparently my condition is benign; I shall be taking the beta blockers forever but they are for my comfort and ease and not a treatment. The palpitations are here for good.

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