Taking things easy

I seem to have awarded myself the day off today. It was not intentional but I was not needed in the kitchen , was following an inspirational whim, and got lost in my head, more or less.

Yesterday was wonderful, the sun was out and I had all the windows flung open and was full of energy. Today I woke to greyness and rain. Situation normal.

tiling Collage

We came to an impasse with the tiling yesterday. All the whole tiles are on the wall and the time had come to cut some. However, our fancy electric tile cutter will not accommodate these large tiles. The new tile hand saw won’t cut them either. A swankier electric tile cutter is winging its way to us from Screwfix.

Sunday Stroll-392

Work having come to a stop, we headed to the pub for supper. It was still a bonny day and so we walked. We had not realised how cold the wind was though and a brisk walking pace was necessary.

Sunday Stroll-378

I took my camera and made a few photos on my way to and from the pub, and whilst I was in there too.

Sunday Stroll-405

Mr L has been  pottering on today and fitting some sockets and so on. He did not need me to help, hence I have been playing with a makeshift studio set-up in pursuit of a challenge at 365Project, to emulate/imitate/be inspired by the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto. I could use a stripped down motorcycle at this point…


I also took the opportunity to work on some images for this week’s Theme at the same site – “Edges”

Edges-1 Edges-2 Edges-1-2

I knocked up a small pan of cream of onion soup for lunch, which we had with rosemary bread sticks. It was excellent. Having had a warm lunch we may now feast on French bread and the smelly cheeses that I brought home from town on Tuesday. There is a bottle of St Emilion to wash it down and I shall construct a salad to give at least the impression that we are eating a proper meal.

Want to see the tiling?



  1. April 12, 2015

    Yay! You got your trip to the pub at last.
    I’ve no idea who the photographer is that you are trying to emulate, but those pictures are really very interesting and beautifully lit.

    Are you puzzle hunting in may?

    • April 14, 2015

      I had not hear of him either but the posting of the challenge linked to some interesting YouTube material. He seems like a very nice and interesting man. Thanks for the compliments 🙂 Puzzle hunting. I’m having trouble with the registration – it says I have already done it but neither one of us has, not for this year. Yes, we hope to but I have to go to town at least one day of puzzle week and we may elect to go away for the holiday weekend and won’t have a connection.

  2. April 17, 2015

    We should be able to cover the Monday. P will be working Thursday, but will be his usual obsessive self the rest of the week!

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