The tiles that are on the wall have been grouted – we wanted to test the grout colour and happily it has not been found wanting. I have to compliment Mr L on  having done an excellent job of it. The new tile cutter has reached Perth and we hope to see it on Wednesday as it is coming via Parcelforce.

My Monday Outlook shot was a bit dull today, but at least I took it and it is up on both Blipfoto and 365Project.

The rest of the morning has been taken up with lunch prep,  making and reorganising appointments, planning and organisation for Spinning Group today and a trip to town tomorrow, plus outlining a possibility for going away in the campervan soon.


I cooked Tusk today. I had not heard of Tusk before a week or two ago, when I saw some in the local shop. Oddly, the very same day a contestant in the Masterchef programme I was watching cooked Tusk. There was Tusk at the shop again on Saturday, so I bought some  – thinking fish is always good for a Fast day. Tusk recipes seem to be rare but it was said to be very like Cod. I chose a Tomato &  Thyme Cod recipe and then cooked up some Puy Lentils and Chickpeas with some onion and carrot and flat leaf parsley to park the fish dish on.


Tomorrow I have planned to go to Kirkwall in order to get myself sheared. The bus is booked and so is the hair appointment. That said, I awoke today with a hot scratchy throat and wibbly wobbly knees. If I go downhill, I’ll cancel. Sadly, being a fast day, there is no prospect of a preventative Hot Toddy tonight.

I’m away to Spinning shortly, taking M’s completed slideshow with me. I may deliver it and then come home – I’m not too happy about passing bugs round. I’ll see what the ladies have to say about it.

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