Sunday slump

There is a faint air of depression about the Acre today. Mr L goes back to work tomorrow and I know that he is not looking forward to that. As for me, I am phenomenally tired — and have been so all week. I don’t get up until 10 am -ish but by 7 pm I am yawning my head off and all I want to do is to lay my head down again. I am having to really push myself to achieve anything at all with my day. I do hope that this is not indicative of the Thyroid problem returning…

Today I am supposed to be continuing to prepare myself for tomorrow, as I didn’t get everything done yesterday. Alas, all I seem to do is to look at stuff, sigh, then go sit down again. All I really want to do is to sleep.

No, I do not believe that it is Depression. My spirits are good enough, I am just extremely weary.

Small steps, then. A bit at a time, and I shall get there. Dinner will be easy today — Thai Fishcakes (potatoes already steamed and ready to mash) Thai curry sauce… perhaps a little boiled rice and a Thai salad. I shall do the cakes and Mr L will do the curry sauce.

Until then I shall attend to the dust on my wheel. I will oil her, and perhaps sit and spin a little, just to get my hand in. I might price up some finished craft goods too, and see if I can sell them via the local craft shop.

The socks are off the blockers and some (rather poor) photographs have been taken. FO post for both Twisted and Herringbone Rib coming this Friday. If I get time to pin out the Echo Flower Shawl there may be an FO post for that as well. I might even get one done for Coquille too!

Knitting this week will be restricted to the Herbivore, which I am rather enjoying, and a couple of small UFOs (if I can garner sufficient enthusiasm.) All of my WIPs and UFOs have been tidied into “immediate” “Colourmart” and “non-Colourmart” piles — to be tackled in that sequence over the next couple of months. The Colourmart thing begins on the 15th of this month, and I am really looking forward to picking up the Bridgewater Shawl again and to seeing it trot to a rapid conclusion.

Yesterday I undertook the painful task of relinquishing a set of yarn drawers. They now stand in the hall-way, populated with hats, scarves, shawls, gloves, mitts and cowls — ready for the winter weather. It was an exercise worth undertaking and I am now fully inf0rmed of the exact lack of need for more scarves in this household. We need no hats either…

The exercise left me with free space in the wardrobe, which I can now fill with sweaters. I begin to recognise the need to shift all knitting effort towards jumpers and cardigans… and… just maybe, a few more socks — as I now seem to have a large pile of un-housed 4ply in single skein quantities.

On the bright side, if I swing into sock production (nobody can have too many pairs of socks, can they?) then I shall be adding to my yarn leftovers for the blanket — a project that I really long to be picking up again soon.

There are a few UFO pairs to be tackled, or frogged and re-worked into something more appealing: Mingus, Nutkins, Pomatomus all spring immediately to mind. Then I shall make some more Earl Grey socks for Mr L, I think, and I have Ellington and Marlene lined up for myself, plus Blossom and Rimefrost… and I would also like to have a crack at both Ornette and Nebula. Perhaps I need to line up my socks skeins and allocate paterns and a schedule… Yep, that sounds like more fun than oiling my spinning wheel right now… and I shall Show & Tell my socks stash and plans come Tuesday (unless I go to town.)