Cookie A

Have I taken time out before in order to wax lyrical about the amazing Cookie A? I hope so, because I find myself with very little time today to say much about my Monday Muse.

Cookie A is my choice for today as I have her much on my mind as I attempt to schedule sock knitting and match patterns to stash yarns.

My very first pair of socks was made to the Simple Socks pattern that comes free with Opal yarns. Fair enough — it is a good simple pattern and it makes socks that fit –  and to be truthful my first pair is still very much my favourite pair in terms of comfort and wear. A toe now needs darning, but they are basically good socks and I have since made several pairs to the same pattern… but my second ever pair of socks were the Hedera socks by Cookie A, published in Knitty. It did not take me long to discover more of Cookie’s patterns and to queue them. I’ve even started a few… and in fact Mingus and Pomatomus are currently lined up for UFO-busting. Several more of Cookie’s patterns are calling loudly to me, it is simply a matter of prioritisation and decision-making — so many gorgeous socks, so little time, so little yarn… There are socks directly from Cookie herself, socks by Cookie published in Knitty, Knitting Daily (have you seen Sockupied yet?) and by yarn sellers, there are mystery Cookie socks from sock clubs, and then there is her book: Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques and Patterns for One-of-a Kind Socks.

So far as patterns go, I confess to having found the book quite disappointing. There are really no patterns in there that I feel driven to knit. The one that I like the most, Kai-Mei, is so very like my Laeticia socks that I feel less than inclined to knit it. My next favourite, Bex, is very similar to my Tribute socks: again, I am unlikely to tread that path. Generally I feel that I like Cookie’s more ornate patterns, in longer sock styles, far more than this selection. The book is still good value though and offers plenty of insight into designing socks, plus some impetus to actually have a go oneself. If one is in need of a Sock Muse that is…

I have spent much time cruising Cookie’s socks in the last  few days. I am no closer to allocating sock patterns to yarns. Simply put: Spoiled For Choice. She has over 50 socks designs on Ravelry. How is a girl to choose?

What are your favourite Cookie.A socks? Tell me in the Comments below.