Our first port of call last Thursday was at Stove, where we spent a considerable time taking photographs around the old farm buildings and out in the bay. My own photographs were largely disappointing but here are a few of my favourites:

Stove 4 June 2015-9
Rusted Gate tied up with twine
Stove (4 of 9)
Rusted Wheel
Stove (3 of 9)
Cooker elements used as decorative fence feature
Stove (2 of 9)
Further creativity – Tractor Monster
Stove (1 of 9)
Rusty Stuff – possibly over processed but I like it
Stove (7 of 9)
Red brick chimney
Stove (5 of 9)
Ruined farm building
Stove (8 of 9)
Light in the byre
Stove (9 of 9)
Thrift at Stove
Thrift at Stove




  1. spinninggill
    June 10, 2015

    I love Thrift flowers. They make me want to knit a fine pink fichu.

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