Still lagging

I am still all behind and look to be in no danger of catching up any time soon, either. Ah, well,

Tomorrow I am zooming into town to get my hair shorn. It’s not so very long just now but I like it short and easily-managed when I am camping. Brunhilde has failed her MOT but can be readily fixed without benefit of spare parts and may be collected any time from this weekend. Mr L is keen to have a trip away as soon as possible, having been confined to barracks since February.

I picked up my Warriston project yesterday as promised, finding the body section to be done and ready to split off the under-arm sections. That piece is now suspended and I am working my way up one sleeve, having completed the cuff section and reached the shaping. It is such a simple knit that I would be quite foolish not to take it away with me, if and when we go.

Having kept one travel project back when Brunhilde went away (I knew that I would need knitting when we go to collect her) I do have something for the ferry tomorrow and will likely not carry Warriston around on me when a foot passenger.

Now, it’s a short day in town as I am not going until the second boat. It arrives at 1:30pm and I am in the hairdressers for about half an hour from 2pm. The boat leaves Kirkwall at 4:40pm – what shall I do for my free two hours? Camera required, I reckon. There is no cruise liner in tomorrow, so not too many visitors underfoot – always a good thing. I’m thinking of looking around the Bishop’s Palace.

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