Feeling light-headed

Yesterday’s quick trip to town consisted of:

  • purchase of two polo shirts from EWM
  • a half hour’s shearing session at the hairdresser
  • half an hour in the cathedral with the camera, taking photos of the flower-arranging festival exhibits
  • cheese (pecorino with saffron and black peppercorns)
  • MGs
  • Tesco

I am so relieved to be shorn. When we go away I shall be able to wash my hair so much more easily.

There was ferry knitting,

Little progress
Little progress

though not a great deal of such.

It was clearly holiday season,

Seasonal sailors
Seasonal sailors

though thankfully no cruise liners in port.

I think most of the town’s visitors were in the Cathedral, which was packed. I had a prime lens fitted to the camera and had a great deal of trouble in stepping back far enough to frame the huge flower arrangements. These small butterfly posies were a lot easier, and there were many of them- I think one per pillar, each seemed to be a different colour variation.

butterfly posy (1 of 1)

In the cathedral, not all was not what it  seemed

Watch the birdie
Watch the birdie

and some approximations were harder to interpret than others

Leaping salmon
Leaping salmon

It took a leap, and perhaps some squinting, in order to recognise the salmon atop the salmon leap.

I confess that overall I admired the skill involved but felt little love for the flowers in their artificial poses. These Astrantia growing in the shade of a tree outside Kirkness & Gorie appealed to me far better.

astrantia (1 of 1)

I caught a crab – not from the sea nor yet in the cathedral, but in a shop window

The Crab of Steel
The Crab of Steel

and I could not resist half a dozen snapshots of this lovely car


which was in town for a rally.

tdtour (1 of 1)

We also saw a lovely red MGB on our perambles, though did not stop for photos.

More flowers from the cathedral?

While you are enjoying those, I shall be finishing the sleeve for my Warriston.

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  1. August 17, 2015

    I can’t stand flower festivals. There was an annual festival in my last post and I struggled to be appropriately supportive and enthusiastic.

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