Stash enhancement

I came away from spinning today with further stash – 3 big balls of Colinette Mohair blend, from G. I have two purple mixes and 1 grey mix. I was thinking to use them as craft materials but I think I may use them for easy-knit lace projects, and make fluffy scarves to sell the next time the Sanday Spinners have a stall to fill. G also gave me a silk cap to play with – I separated one layer off and am busy turning it into roving although have not yet spun any. Can anyone tell me – is each layer  of the cap a hankie, or is a hankie something else entirely? I find silk terminology to be highly confusing.

I was hoping that the cocoon strippings that I sent away for would have arrived today. I can’t wait to play with them but I think they are for making paper and won’t find their way to my wheel in any form.

Spinning Cake today was a delicious and moist honey cake, made by M. Lovely.

I picked up G’s swift and ball winder on the way home and am going to ball my silk laceweight in the next few days.

Today was a red letter today as G’s Land Rover is broken and I picked her up to chauffeur her to spinning. Not only did I do that but I also went into the village beforehand to pick some things up – that’s the first time that I have attempted that. I parked and turned round OK and didn’t hit anyone or anything. Well done, me! I did have to give myself a stern talking to at one point “For heaven’s sake, woman – RELAX!” but I did also have a slight sensation at one point that reminded me of the way I used to feel about driving – that feeling of relaxing into one’s own space and enjoying the freedom of being alone and in control. So, I am definitely coming along on the driving front – but I do still hate that car. I certainly didn’t feel sick today or experience that marked reluctance to be getting into the driving seat. It’s progress.

Next week is spinning chez nous again, as I want Nell to experience some more company soon. What kind of cake shall it be this time? I’d like to do something new.