Hairy knitting

gorillathb gorilla2thb

This is my furry snake project, aka The Gorilla. It’s a Kaa-the-snake pattern scarf, in the mixed grey mohair that Gill gave me yesterday. It’s as hairy as a gnarly old terrier. It gave me a lot of problems yesterday afternoon, and now I don’t want to knit it.

So I kicked this one off this morning, and I like it much better


This is Aurora, a corkscrew scarf (PDF) (Ravelry) It is very high on the “just one more go” factor and will knit up very quickly because of that. A lot of fun to do – I have always been drawn to what I see as the engineering face of knitting and I love things like this (and sock heels etc) that just spring into being as if by magic. The yarn itself is far softer than the gnarly old terrier, yet it is nominally the same yarn. Fewer bits fly off  and get up my nose and, all in all, it’s a far nicer project to be working on.

I seem to have cast-on-fever. That’s not good. My arm is complaining bitterly.

Now I need to find a pattern for the third ball of mohair…