1) Thanks to Jenny,I now have a UK source of slipper soles – just what I was seeking. I knew I had seen them previously but couldn’t track them down when I looked the other day. Thank you very much.

2) and for your next trick, dear readers, I want some polystyrene feet. Again, I know I have seen them somewhere but am having trouble finding them. They are for photographing sock FOs and maybe for felting overlarge socks into slippers – so they need to be sized, at least roughly. I want UK Ladies size 7 (ish) – I never got the hang of Euro sizes (41?) and don’t have a clue how UK sizes map to US ones. Nor do I really know how Men’s and Women’s sizes map to each other…

3) Blink stalled a bit over the weekend as I have been very busy. I have no idea where the weekend went to but I appear to have wasted it doing proper work. In short, I barely picked up the scarf all weekend but managed last night to edge it to the end of 12 repeats. Theoretically I can go for the end now, but there is yarn to spare and I like a longer scarf. I’d like to make 15 repeats – though I’m not sure about my yardage there and I am running out of September.

4) Spinning is here this week – I’d like to make a gingerbread cake today and give it time to relax before Wednesday

5) but I have to go out and spend my afternoon delivering some training (and most of this morning will be spent in preparation)

Maybe I’ll get Blink off the needles tonight – I’d certainly like to. The Manos is gorgeous and I want to have a go at those slippers soon. Do they count for Socktoberfest? They are kind of like socks, really… can I complete Blink and a pair of Slippers before 1st October maybe?

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll force my way through the pile that is blocking the doorway in my workroom and take proper stock of my sock yarn stash and make a plan for October.



In Other News – Sandaysoft is becoming rather too busy for comfort. It’s time to decide whether or not to develop the business into a proper money spinner rather than a hobby, and aim for a shift away from employment to self-employment – because the way things are, the one is not earning enough money but is taking too much time away from the other. So, do we build the business? It will take time away from the knitting, that’s for sure.

Right, I need to crack on. Lots to do today.


  1. jenny
    September 29, 2008

    there are some on eBay from Thailand but they are plastic and only ankle high – and I have to say – creepy. Can’t find polystyrene ones, are you looking for the ones on tip toe?

  2. September 30, 2008

    The ones that I saw were flat feet, ankle high and I am sure that they were advertised for felting purposes. I don’t seem to have bookmarked them, unfortunately. Have looked for them several times since but never found them again.

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