Busy, busy, busy

My life has become incredibly busy of late. I cannot imagine what has happened!

This coming week will see me rushed off my feet: I have three separate clients to see for Sandaysoft, an appointment for training an individual for another client, a Development Trust Board meeting, a mountain of documentation to write, three web sites to bring up to date, spinning group to host and cake to make, my quilting homework to do – and my Blink to complete!

Well, something is going to have to suffer. I could claim that it will be the blog(s) but it is more likely to be the housework and dog-walking. On the other hand, I could just go for it hell for leather and try to get Blink finished tonight. I’ve been too busy today to pick up the needles until now. Mr L made me a wonderful Sichuan Chicken with cashew nuts for my dinner and I am too stuffed to move. I reckon that sitting on the sofa and knitting* is about all I am good for.


*Can I have wine with that?


  1. September 29, 2008

    Thank you Jenny, I’ll take a look.

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