In my mailbox this morning, a reminder:

[box title=”MUMS” color=”#d7e9ea”]This is the second of two invitation emails, and also a reminder that
the Melbourne University Puzzle Hunt is less than a week away!

The first set of puzzles will be released on Monday (13th May) at
12.00pm, with the first prize of course being $300 to the first team
to uncover the hidden item.

If you haven’t registered a team already, get in quick before someone
steals your team name and/or members!

Google ‘puzzle hunt’ for details, registration, and puzzles from the
last 9 years, or visit http://puzzlehunt.mums.org.au

Best regards,
Puzzle Hunt 2013 Team[/box]

The MUMS Puzzle Hunt is an annual event eagerly awaited in this household. Our team has been registered since this year’s event was first announced.

If you like to exercise your brain and think laterally once in a while, why not give it a go? You can go it alone, registered or unregistered – but will need to be registered in order to check your answers. Or we welcome team members on our team and have room for up to 8 at the moment – contact me if you want to join us.

[box title=”Current Hunt Stats” color=”#d7e9ea”]

Teams registered: 97
Total participants: 317[/box]

We’re not talking crosswords and sudoku here – though that’s not to say that something like that won’t turn up  in some guise or other. There may be codes, there may be ciphers, there may be a need for scissors and glue…. be prepared to think three-dimensionally. Expect the unexpected!

It is huge fun. Mr L and I shall be fully consumed by it for the week. Expect things to be quiet around my part of the blog world.

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