Cut and come again

Recent rain has brought the grass on and today’s glorious weather has brought out the mower. It stubbornly refused to start, of course. We jump started it from the Land Rover, and what a faff that was. The battery is under the seat and the mower won’t work unless somebody is sat on the seat… The Health & Safety Police would have had a fit if they could have seen Mr L squeezing the safety mechanism whilst I started the engine.

Anyway, that’s the official signal that winter is over.

It won’t be long now before we have to pack the mower away again for the winter.

It was such a truly gorgeous day that I was tempted to unwrap last week’s mystery package.


Bubble kit! This had been intended for Paul’s Photography Challenge –  and Gunta’s topic of “Something to make me smile” although it might also have done for the “Catch the Light” topic.

I went outside to try it out and it works brilliantly but there was too much breeze today to do it properly. We shall await a better day and then take the kit onto a beach and I shall go crazy with the camera and see what comes of it.

In the mail – 2 Air Mail letters. One  from Australia, the other from Alabama.



Check out the Aussie stamp.

The American letter had a lovely enclosure



The sender, Emily, is a new birder and photographer. Her Graphic Designer hubby knocked up the bookmark from Emily’s photograph of a bluebird. Isn’t it charming? I often wonder what I might do with my own photographs but I seem to lack the creative spark necessary to arrive at anything sensible or useful. They just sit on my computer or get blogged. Perhaps I should get some more MOO cards made up.

Both letters now have replies, and so does Mia’s. I must walk to the post office with  all three tomorrow, I think. I’ll take the camera and see what might be found on the way.

Progress is being made in my studio – I found space at my bench for writing my letters, so I cannot be imagining it. The improvement is incremental but things are definitely inching in the right direction. Shall we be ready in time for the Soulka? I doubt it.

What else… oh, yes. Quiche. Caramelised onion and cheese, made with crème fraîche and eggs from my ladies. It was so very good at lunch that we had more at tea time.


– and there is more still,  left for tea tomorrow. Maybe I should have used a smaller tin.

I was going to town tomorrow but I am feeling pressured with too much to do at home, so the trip is cancelled and I shall be doing more tidying and cleaning. I shall need a treat to make up for it. I may spend some time decorating a few envelopes, if I can find my inks and stamps.



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