I was in town yesterday, alongside the passengers of the 3,200 berth Caribbean Princess, the largest cruise liner ever to berth in Kirkwall.


It was a monster, a floating town that dwarfed the dock. I cannot begin to imagine how horrible an experience it must be to holiday on one of those things.

The main points from yesterday:

Went to the post office and sent mail to UK, Australian and American destinations. Bought lots of USA postcard stamps.

Spent about an hour in Kirkness & Gorie, tasting cheese and chatting to staff and cruise liner passengers. I bought some ridiculously expensive sherry, some very posh cheese biscuits and a Spanish Goat’s cheese plus some Manchego and some olives.



Rather more prosaically, Tesco furnished the remainder of tonight’s meal.

Mr L is currently in the kitchen, having brought coffee to my elbow ten minutes ago. The Panacotta for dessert is already made and the main course is now in preparation. Asparagus for the starter is simplicity itself…

In the post yesterday:

1) by Special Delivery and a very big surprise


So that’s after-dinner taken care of. Not our usual Hotel Chocolat treat but Mr L apparently had his idea quite late on and HC no longer use Royal Mail, so he had to find a source that does post choccies out. He has fingers crossed but is fretting that they will be disappointing by comparison.

2, 3, 4 and 5)


  • Five 8″ canvasses for further transfer experiments
  • Two packs of mini CDs for an idea I have had, to exchange audio letters
  • A slate
  • Lettermo letter from Shirley C.
  • Birthday card from MiL and FiL.


Today’s mail was in comparison extremely dull – just a reminder that my tax return is due!

My contribution to the evening meal is now indicated. I have to go and make up some salad dressing.

The champagne is already chilling.



I shall be unavailable for the remainder of the weekend.

Oh – puzzle progress remains poor to average. Current status: 52nd of 137 teams. 8 puzzles of 20 solved, for 34 points. Puzzles will not be high on our priority list for the next 36 hours.


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