A Tale of Two Loaves

Time is short around here and there is little yeasted activity happening (we are doing puzzles at every opportunity) That being so, I made some more of the non-flour seeded loaf earlier in the week.

It was a disaster

wpid1118-BL_13_00004.jpgIt’s dry and crumbly and completely unsliceable. No, I have no idea what went wrong.

I made another one yesterday and it worked perfectly.

wpid1117-BL_13_00001.jpgJust like the first one, it slices beautifully and tastes delicious.

wpid1115-BL_13_00003.jpgThe only difference between these two loaves is, as far as I know, that I used cashews in the crumbly one and hazelnuts in yesterday’s version. Apart from that, I followed the recipe exactly. Or so I thought. Perhaps I missed something out or added something twice or mis-measured something? It was first thing on a Monday morning. after all.

Anyway – waste not, want not. I used the offending loaf today to make a crumble topping for a saucy chicken dish at lunchtime. It kind of worked. As Mr L said “it was nice enough but I wouldn’t ask you to make it deliberately.





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