Spinning Day

1 ) in the mail – my “copper” thread eBay purchase. It was posted from India on the 27th June and arrived here today. Wow! Best of all, the lovely stamps included one with an Asian Leopard Cat on and it looks just like my Lulu and/or Teddy – a cross between the two of them in fact. It is easy to see the connection, especially with our Ted, who is only 3 generations from the ALC. The threads themselves are a bit gorgeous – 10 different coppery coloured shades

2) Spinning was good, though only 4 of us this week. Cake was First Class. No, no point in false modesty -it was ace cake, though Nigella takes the credit, not I. It was the Store Cupboard Chocolate Orange cake, made with lots of butter and 80% chocolate and whacking great dollops of marmalade. Really, really good. It’s going into the repertoire for a repeat performance soon.

3) In e-mail, a newsletter from Fibrecrafts. 20% of the Shacht Matchless until 1st Aug, with FREE delivery. That’s a “mere” £600 instead of £750. Well, I would, if I could. It’s certainly my dream wheel.

4) Made some progress on the scarf last night while listening to Jarvis waxing lyrical about my home town. Now 45% done.

5) Tangles has blocked beautifully and looks really good.

6) I have finished spinning the red and orange components of the first 4oz of the Inferno tops. It nicely filled a bobbin. Have now commenced spinning the purple part onto another bobbin. The next thing to do is to select which copper thread to add. I wonder if I should have spun the purple and copper together?

I now intend to take things really easy for the rest of the day. Though I may card the cerise fleece later on if boredom does set in. Frankly, all I feel fit for is sleep.