Spinning Day

Spinning group plus 1 today. Very snug. Lots of wheels. Lovely almond tart, warm and gooey from the oven and tasting of a good old fashioned Bakewell. Silence descended, as it always does when a really good cake appears. Eating cake is a serious business.

I finished a bobbin of my supposedly fat single, then plied off some of it with the thin single. The thin single lasted just long enough to fill a bobbin of 2 ply. It made a lovely skein with virtually no bias – my skills are improving rapidly! The shading in the skein is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with it. I couldn’t wait to spin more before washing so this first skein is currently hanging in my kitchen, drying.

I’m feeling enthusiastic about this hand dyed project. There is already a second bobbin of fat single on Constance. This time I concentrated hard on making it fatter and slubbier (easy, with the expertise that I exhibit in carding *cough*). I now need to spin some more of the dark fine single. But one bobbin is sufficient for this afternoon as my headache is rapidly worsening and I want to be rid of it before going to the mainland.