Sanday Knitters

There is a wonderful article at Orkney Today about the now defunct Sanday Knitters company.

As I understand it, the Sanday Knitters were victims both of their own success, and of the high delivery costs entailed in getting raw materials in, and finished garments out, of Sanday. In fact, we had a conversation about this with one of the knitters, only last week.

Let’s hope that the Sanday Spinners can approach a similar level of success. Bags I the trip to La Belle France.

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A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

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Oh, deer

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  1. February 21, 2008

    Is that “Harray Potter” bloke still going, or has J. K. Rowling taken out an injunction?

  2. February 21, 2008

    Hi, Tez.

    Yes, the Harray Potter is still going strong. I think he has a web site… hang on…

    yes, here you are

    I haven’t had chance yo visit yet – our time on the mainland is always full of necessities and no time for rambling and pottering

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