So, I have my needles back


I may have lost a pair of socks, but I have gained two sets of DPNs and am raring to go.

Yes, the Purple Needle Eaters have attained FO status and here they are:

PNE-FO-1thb PNE-FO-3thb

 PNE-FO-4thb PNE-FO-5thb

 PNE-FO-6thb PNE-FO-7thb

Eight Ply Purple Needle Eaters

Ravelry Project Details

Cast on: 1st May 2008

Cast off: 9th May 2008

Pattern: Ambrosia Socks by Ann Budd – free pattern from Knitting Daily

Yarn: Mirasol Hacho, DK hand-dyed Merino, Colour 302, Peacock Ripple – 3 skeins (150gms) – a gift received. I broke into the third skein for three pattern repeats in each leg.

Needles: bamboo DPNs in 3.25mm and 3.5mm

Construction: toe-up, using Judy’s Magic Cast On, Yarnover short-row heels, sewn bind-off cuff.

Size knitted: 9″ foot circ, 10¼” foot length. 11 pattern repeats in the leg.

Rating: Eight Happy Toes

I sewed the socks up, then took them out for some quick snaps. When I came back in I said, quite doubtfully, “You can try them on if you like, but I don’t think they’ll fit” – for Mr Plumbum had expressed some interest in these socks.

He tried them on.

They fit pretty good. (He’s a UK size 10)

I had scarcely uttered “So, do you want them?” before he very quickly said “Yes, please!” I mean, he positively snaffled them!

These are nice socks, I am not surprised that he snaffled them  – the merino is soft and cushy and warm. The colour looks surprisingly not-feminine on his feet, too. I don’t know if I would knit them again, but they were reasonable fun to do. I liked not having to pick up the gusset and shape it, but I didn’t like the yarnover heel. The toe cast on wasn’t too bad in the end, and I think that I have the hang of it now. I might use that again, if needed but I think my preferred construction will be top down. The sewn bind off cuff was good and I enjoyed doing that.

I learned several new things over the course of this pair and am feeling quite satisfied. One surprise was how much I enjoyed rocketing through a pair of DK socks. I am not a fan of chunky socks and didn’t expect to find myself leaning towards DK but I do think I shall be doing further DK pairs – especially for ‘is nibs.

Lost, one pair of socks. I shall have to knit some more.

I made a Best Offer on some Trekking Hand Art on eBay… I doubt I shall get it, but you never can tell.