Small world

It was feeling pretty cold last night. Mr L, being the weather geek that he is, looked on the web to see if he could find  a local temperature reading. He found one, in Kippford (1.7°C, apparently.)  Somebody with a weather station is uploading data to Weather Underground. Nobody he knew, he said, not a Cumulus user…

I made suitable noises and went back to doing something more interesting but was disturbed a few minutes later by an ejaculation… Bl**dy H*ll, it’s D**** J******* ! Said, DJ was formerly a Cumulus user who lived very close to us when we were on Speyside. Then he moved to Nithsdale, close to where we used to live before that. It appears now that he lives a few hundred metres away from where we have parked Hank the Yank.

In the process of checking out the weather station. Mr L found that DJ had tweeted recently a request for somebody to knit him some slippers. Well, what could I do? I replied to that tweet and kind of volunteered my skills…

This is me, the so-called knitter who has not once picked up the needles since arriving on site. Also the me that has very cold toes of her own and hopes to make some thrummed socks for herself very soon now. All this and Joe Stalin too. I’m going to be busy, aren’t I?

We found a new short circular route around this new small world of ours today and a very pleasant walk it was too, through some beautiful woodland with sycamores yielding their golden leaves to reveal some wonderful views across the estuary. No, sorry, no camera action today.

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  1. A very small world indeed. 🙂 I look forward to commissioning some slippers. Oh, and meeting you too, after all these years

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