It was pretty chilly last night so we set the thermostat on an anti-freeze temperature setting and hopped into bed with my lavender wheatie-bag pre-nuked for some warmth. Tonight is predicted to be even colder so I am more than happy that Tracking tells me that my new microwaveable hot water bottle will be in today’s post.

We have some sun today but the temperature is hovering at around 5 degrees. I have a set of thermals on and today for the first time dug out a sweater for a top layer. Until now I have been in cotton tops and sweatshirts. I have my Warriston smock out and donned it to walk along to Reception to alert them to an imminent courier delivery. Gousto tell me that my week’s menu will be here between 12:30 and 14:30. It feels like Christmas! All parcels and new jumpers.

Mr L was chatting to a permanent pitch client earlier and she was able to tell us that there are no problems in getting Tesco to deliver here and that the Farm Shop that delivers is excellent. I foresee more time in the forest and less time on the bus with shopping.

In Other News, Gill is sending me emergency yarn and roving supplies so that I can make myself some thrummed slippers. I am looking forward to those. I do hope that I have the right needles with me!

Also in Other News, Mr L’s blood test for Lyme Disease has come back negative. However, this was expected as it often shows negative in the early stages. He has to complete his course of antibiotics and then return to see the doctor in mid-December. The bulls-eye rash has now completely gone and he is otherwise symptom-free still.

Nell and her dad are out in the forest, geocaching. I am here waiting for my Gousto box and have every some intent of reading about Stalin whilst they are gone.


  1. webhorus
    November 7, 2016

    What a lovely pattern! Is it quite easy? – I don’t do much knitting these days, because Hands, but I’d give that a go.

    • November 7, 2016

      The Warriston? Pretty simple, very fast, mostly stocking stitch in the round, so nearly all knitting. Seamless – just pockets to stitch up at the end. . I struggled over grafting the few stitches under the arm because I am spatially challenged and ended up with a line of purl bumps instead of a smooth graft and had to go back and do it again. Kate Davies writes an excellent pattern, clear and unambiguous. This was a test knit in cheap yarn before I commit handspun to it. I would happily do so but I have seen another smock pattern that perhaps I like even more than Warriston – the Norfolk Slop

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