Motivation is difficult to come by today.

We were puzzling hard last night but missed the final few minutes of the week-long competition by having to power down in a lightning storm. The night was a long one. Wild and noisy and full of quivering dogs. We woke to find that we still have power, but when we went to the shop this morning we discovered that this is not the case for many islanders. Some phones are off as well. I have been trying to raise SpinningGill all morning but think she may be without power and phones as nothing seems to be working at all. Not even mobiles – the island’s mobile signal seems to be broken as well. I was trying to reach Gill as we are invited round for drinks tonight and I wanted to check that they had light and heat and move the venue to here if they have problems. Well, if we can’t reach them to check we’ll just pop them in the car and bring them here tonight if they are shivering.

So far today I have been to the shop and I have drunk coffee. Not a lot to show by 2:30pm, is it? I just can’t get started. I’m not even sure that I want to!

The clocks go back tonight. I’ve told Nell that she has to sleep in for an hour. I am not sure that she was listening, actually.

I need some plain knitting for tonight. I don’t think I can cope with a 10 row pattern while I am chatting.

EDIT: Gill arrived to see if we had power. I’ve filled her flasks 🙂