Yesterday’s puzzle was a very quick trot – we completed in 16 minutes, and in an amazing third place (of 36 on the leader board.) Today’s finale requires an on-campus presence and we have been teamed with a local team plus another remote team. I have no idea how that is going to work! I suspect we shall progress no further in this competition, though. Either way, it’s all over this evening and so I shall  be able to return to my sock knitting. And my hat. Neither of which are going anywhere  fast at present.

Spinning is here next Wednesday and SpinningGill is providing the cake. As her cottage is still under restoration that means that she has just dropped  off the ingredients, for me to make the cakes for her. Chocolate Brownies. Yum. I am hoping to add a gingerbread to the available selection of goodies but I seem to be short of some ingredients.

Gill was able to confirm my diagnosis of the awful smell in the house as most likely a dead rat in the walls. Oh, the joys of rural life… anyway, the smell is much diminished today, so we can live with it without gagging.

The boiler man serviced both boilers yesterday. Now we wait for the bill…  but safe in the knowledge that both boilers are now running as efficiently as possible. It will soon be time to order the oil. Maybe sooner rather than later, as the fuel price is on its way back up now as OPEC cut production levels. We need 2,000 litres. It’s going to hurt.

The weather is improved today after a very wild night and we see the sun from time to time, It’s still fairly windy but the torrential rain has ceased and Griff has come out from under the bed now that the 6am thunder has receded. It was not the kind of night to be going out in, but Nell failed to realise that when she asked to go out at three a.m.!

Not a very fibrous post, sorry – but real life gets in the way from time to time. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Now it’s time to make lunch. I am all behind today.