Slightly fraying about the edges

So far this morning:

  1. Overnight panic re: amount of tiles ordered, allayed (65 sq metres)
  2. dogs fed
  3. dogs exercised
  4. humans breakfasted
  5. Washing up done
  6. cat trays done
  7. five sacks of rubbish put out
  8. door between kitchen and utility room removed
  9. kitchen table dismantled
  10. somebody allowed their clients to wind them up and raise blood pressure
  11. Mugs, kettle, coffee etc. moved up to office
  12. Brunhilde’s water tank filled
  13. Brunhilde’s electricity hooked up
  14. Brunhilde’s water boiler failed to light
  15. problem at #9 fixed
  16. emergency Matalan order placed for quantities of socks (him), underwear (us), leggings (me) and polo shirts (him). Managed (just) to reach free postage level (£50) – you get a lot for your dosh at Matalan.
  17. panic re: possible breakage of electric drill
  18. Panic allayed – drill ready to mix adhesive
  19. Adhesive, bucket etc. brought in to house
  20. adhesive trowel found to be lost
  21. adhesive trowel searched for
  22. adhesive trowel found

I missed my Monday Outlook photo this morning – not easy to carry a camera, a sheet and five full bin bags, even with assistance enlisted.

Almost lunch time, and work has only just begun!

Lunch will be a quick affair of soup (rescued from the chest freezer when we turfed it out) and toast. I am about to go out to sort out Brunhilde’s kitchen facilities. I may linger.

Tonight I am planning pasta-in-the-van, with a white wine and cream sauce and scallops with salad. After tonight, I cannot claim to have any level of organisation or planning at hand. The pub may see a lot of our custom this week, though I am anxious to avoid over-chippage. I get a little freaky if forced to consume chips two days running…

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