Simply Spiffing

 new-sock-thb We may be on a roll – I grafted the toes of my sock at spinning group this morning. I was torn between letting the impetus carry me forward, and casting on the second sock, or shifting some of that red and grey merino/mohair. The spinning won.

We admired F’s refurbished loom, and I kicked myself inwardly for not having bought it myself when it was on offer.

We also admired my newly arrived (this morning) copy of Spin Off.

And my new tops (pictures coming soon)

And we certainly admired P’s newly completed socks – my, that girl can go! The socks were lovely too, Opal self-patterning in a lovely blue jeans colour.

J had news of her newly-arrived Gottland sheep – they were delivered by boat, from the monks of Papa Stronsay, to Kirkwall Harbour yesterday.

I got my swapping mail art packages off to the post office on my way out and I even managed to slightly enjoy the driving today! It is always a fine ride up to F’s house, whether by car or by bicycle.

And now I must decide whether to spin some more, to cast on my second sock (which must get started today or it will falter), or to read my Spin Off. Such decisions!