Long live the sock


You can say what you like about plain socks: they are fast, non-taxing, have a certain aesthetic appeal – certainly. I’ll not deny that… but, they sure are boring!

All the same, as today sees Return Of The Migraine, plain socks are about all that I can aspire to. I’m calling this one Simply Arizona, and it is being knitted, more or less, to the Simple Sock pattern that is given away free with purchases of Opal yarn.

I’m cracking on with it in the hope that simple impetus will carry me on through the second half of the pair. But, like I said, boring.

Mitts are deferred until the second side of the migraine departs.

Aside from noting that my fibre stash is getting out of hand and that I really need to go and spin for a month… I’ll just add that this blog is facing some challenges after installing the WordPress v2.5 upgrade. Apologies if things are up and down for a while. I shall get the hang of it eventually but the headache is not helping in this respect.

I think that I would like to finish this sock today. Can I? Maybe. I just wish I could find a way of spinning and knitting concurrently.