Simmer Dim

Photos of Simmer Dim, completed but not yet blocked.

It is a pretty thing. I wish that my camera were capturing the colour better, though.

I shall block the shawl soon, I hope – because I do want to be using this.

I have the new slow cooker in action again today. On Saturday I christened it with a lamb curry. Yesterday I made Carrot and Ginger soup, today I have a Chicken Broth bubbling away, and tomorrow I plan a chilli con carne. I hope to make a real impact on the electricity meter readings but mostly I would like to free up some time so that I can get out and about in the mornings to take some exercise and use my camera a little. There is much for me to learn, especially in the matter of discipline in preparation and planning.

Books have been purchased!

I have not had time to read any of them yet, but I have just placed them by the bedside so that I can dip into them from time to time. Until I get my reading done, I am winging it. Yesterday’s soup was fine but today I am a little concerned about my broth mix as I failed to soak it in readiness  last night. The fallback position is Scampi and oven chips 🙂

Spinning is here tomorrow, but I am excused Cake. Hurrah!