Works in (something approaching) Progress

I was determined to do a WIP Wednesday post today, having been so disorganised and neglectful of late. Unfortunately, there was a back-twanging incident this morning and I am now a little hobbled. We are left with but a cursory post again, sad to say.

  1. The commission knitting continues to trouble me. It makes but slow progress and I am convinced that I shall be short of yarn for the pink scarf. The most intelligent move would be to frog it and knit a narrower one, but I keep on going in the hope that my yarn will magically extend itself to the necessary length.
  2. There is still a second scarf to knit, in time to be posted for Christmas. Help!
  3. Spinning of the extra Ashford sliver is all but complete. Despite the twang, I managed to sit on an upright chair this morning and spin, most of the remaining fibre. Plying will be a little more difficult.
  4. The Simmer Dim is not technically a WIP today. I completed the knitting. It was much admired at Spinning this morning. Blocking is not going to happen any time soon now. We shall have to wait for my back to unknit itself.

I promise to try harder next week.

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  1. Susan aka paintermom
    November 19, 2010

    Feel better soon! Back pain is no fun.

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