The Woolgatherer has newshoes! Blueshoes. Comfortableshoes. Inthesaleshoes.

Blessed little else, mind you – though both haggis and whisky were secured, plus a Christmas pudding ready for next year.

A tiring day. I brought home focaccia, cheese, olives and salamis. Oh, and  a new bottle opener! Ours died of metal fatigue over Christmas – seriously, one of its arms dropped off.

I’m off to find the wine and let it and the cheese breathe. See you tomorrow.

(No FOs this week. Also no photos. I was about to shoot my new shoes and a WIP pic of my ferry sock (making good progress) when I realised that I have no camera. I’ve lost it somewhere between here and Kirkwall today – and as we know, I can’t read images from the card for my SLR. We are in for an image drought. There are no funds for a new one.)

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