Oh, groan…

I’m off to town today – just seizing a window in the weather and picking up a few fresh goods that can’t be had here. Our diet has been poor over these last wintry weeks.  The boat leaves at 7:45, meaning that we have to be there waiting in the queue by 7:25. So, here I am, at my desk, with coffee and muesli to stoke me up for the day ahead.  I shall have three hours in town and will be home again in time for afternooon coffee. I doubt whether you will get a sensible blog post out of me, though. I just stopped by now because  have something on my mind.

I really must wear my Toddy socks more often.

Keeping my Toddy socks “for best” makes very little sense. What is “best” in my context, when all is said and done? I don’t have a best! I don’t go anywhere that requires dressing for show. Anyway, it feels like wearing velvet gloves on my feet. So very comfortable… and probably will be very comforting too when I am trudging around with my shopping trolley and wishing that it was not so long until the boat leaves for home.

Yesterday, I opted for the Clapotis and cast on at Spinning. I got about half the increase section done, then frogged it and swapped to larger needles and began again… leaving it at pretty much the same point when I went to bed. The colours are gorgeous but I am not at all sure that the scarf is going to live up to my vision of it.

Right. Got to dash. That necessary evil, Tesco, beckons. I’ll bet you are glad that your weekly shopping does not involve such a protracted pantomime, aren’t you? Could have been worse — had I gone on Tuesday (as planned) I would not have been home until seven o’clock. The joys of the annual refit timetable!

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